Lost in the beauty of Spring

It's this time of the year that we can't wait for the clouds to drift away, the wind to disappear, the blue sky to stretch from one side of the horizon to the other and the sun to stare back at us saying "Hey, the Summer is just around the corner..."

OK, hold your horses, the cherry trees haven't really blossomed yet, the daffodils are still here, even though a bit tired looking ( a good sign that the months are rolling by ) so let's wait  a bit longer.
The Summer will be here before we know it really!!

For now, lets stay Lost in the beauty of Spring

spring blossoms

lovely white spring blossoms

lovely image of a large white spring blossoms from up close

image of a branch covered in lovely spring blossoms

image of a branch covered in lovely spring white blossoms

image of lovely spring blossoms

The Angels in White

Daffodils come in many colours and shapes but the giant white ones are simply magnificent!! 

Every time I look at these plants they remind me of Angels in White 

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

white daffodils

thanks for being here 

A walk in the snow

hijata, snow image, Vratsa, Bulgaria

It has been a few years since I walked in snow. Real snow. Knee deep and all

But the photos I took then still remain and will always be there. For me this is one of the best aspects of photography, grabbing the moment and freezing it in time for ever. Absolutely Fantastic!!  Later on every time you look at the images you have taken you can simply travel back in time and experience again the same moment.

At least this is how it is for me. I have thousands and thousands of images in my database but when I look at  any one I can remember exactly where I was and feel the same hot sun and the same biting wind or cold snow. Fabulous!!

So here is some images from a walk in the snow 5 years ago that I never had the time to post.

Enjoy the cold and the white beauty of it, Have a walk in the snow with me  

hijata, snow image, Vratsa, Bulgaria

snow landscape, Vratsa Bulgaria

branches, snow, forest

branches, snow

bird house in a tree, snow

snowy image, branches, snow

path in the snow, Vratsa, Bulgariastairs in the snow

bench in the snow

snow, trees, cold

hijata, a cottage in the mountains, Vratsa Bulgaria

snow view of the town square of Vratsa, Bulgaria

View of the town square in winter, Vratsa, Bulgaria

snow view from above, Vratsa, Bulgaria

snow landscape with mountains Vratsa, Bulgaria

snow view of the mountains and Vratsa Bulgaria

snow view of Vratsa Bulgaria

  view from above of Vratsa, Bulgaria

branches covered in snow

branches covered in  snow

mountains, snow, Vratsa, Bulgaria

mountains in snow, Vratsa, Bulgaria

mountains, Vratsa, Bulgaria

mountains in Vratsa, bulgaria

Thanks for joining me for a walk in the snow

Happy New Year to you all

The winds are blasting outside, the weather is absolutely appalling but I still have to go out and walk the dogs because they don't really care if I feel like going out or not, if I like the weather or not!! But hey, I love the giant buggers so much, I don't mind at all!!! I only wish the weather was better so I could stop for a few photos on the way, the first for the new year maybe but alas not this time...

So here you go have a few photos from last year just because I can!!

Happy New Year to you all and have a great one!!!

frosted flower

frosted branches, coldfrosted branches, cold

 frosted leaf, coldfrosted leaves

 frosted fernsfrosted briers

have a great year!!!

The very helpful kitty

image of a kitten

Recently to complete the company of the two boxer dogs we acquired a tiny baby kitten just 4 months old. 

You would say that probably that was the most insane thing to do. But, she adjusted fast and furious into the household. Now she has the two old brutes wrapped around her tiny claw and she runs the whole parade. I bow to her.

She makes everyone get up and open the door for her (including the dogs) when she feels like she has to go for a snack or to visit the loo. And she really likes to snack often!! 

She likes to sleep on peoples knees and you better keep them straight, do not move because she doesn't like to be disturbed when napping. 

She likes to play with the dogs and attacks them from behind a door or a random wall and this is such an amazing site: imagine a tiny kitten suddenly flying with her paws spread wide and lounging herself at a dog 20 times bigger than her.

She loves to jump on my back with her claws first while I am washing the dishes and then just sits there on my shoulder looking at what I am doing. 

She also loves to help me when I work on the computer she loves to sit between the keyboard and the screen and to look at the images or the moving mouse, oh, and step on the keyboard and activate random actions.  Lovely. It is a very helpful kitty. 

That is why we love her very much, including the dogs, you should see how they snuggle together on the sofa or in front of the fire. It is the perfect addition to the madness that is our family. 

The very helpful kitty.  

kitten in front of a computer screen

kitten in front of a computer screen
kitten in front of a computer screen, photo collage

She is really attracted to my plants and her mission is destroy and annihilate!!
kitten attacking a plant

kitten attacking a plant

kitten attacking a plant

He just looks at her all the time and wonders, what the hell is she up to now?!
photo collage of kitten attacking a plant

After lots of playing it is time for a snooze
kitten and a boxer dog hugging on a sofa, sleeping

collage of images, 2 boxer dogs and a kitten on a sofa, sleeping

The gang is on the move, the leader is ahead 
cute kitty and a boxer dog in the background

She can be a real angel
cute kitten with a necklace

And a few seconds later a real monster
kitten yawning

The older boxer is tottally in love with her and follows her everywhere
boxer dog and a kitty, nose to nose

She is so fast, she is just a blur most of the time, no camera can catch her!!  

thanks for being here with me