Fairybridge Lilies

I never knew that lilies can be so outrageously beautiful.
Of course, I never grew any before so I never had an up close and personal view before.

Taking photos of the lilies in the vanishing daylight was quite an interesting and fun experience.  I got lost in it for a while and didn't even feel the gentle drizzle that almost dampened the mood. 
But don't you worry, after the actual photo shoot comes the other fun part  - the converting of the files into jpegs so I can upload them to the internet and my blogs. Sometimes it takes a while but it is very rewarding  to look a the finished products.

And here they are, The Fairybridge Lilies 

lilies, flowers, garden

lilies in the garden

lilies in the garden lilies in the garden

lilies up close

lilies  up close

lilies up close

lilies in the garden

garden lilies

lilies in the garden

lilies in the garden

lilies in the garden

From Fairybridge garden, Oughterard, Galway, Ireland

The Lovely Grass

grass imageI know that normally people just admire the flowers because they are so abundant in summer but if you spent as much time as me walking in the countryside there is something you will notice and it will impress you forever, it is the lovely grass.

I have a weakness for the gentle stalks swaying in the morning breeze by the side of the road or sometimes as far as the eyes can see. Grasses are beautiful and come in so many shapes and sizes!! 
Next time you walk pay attention to the lovely grasses so green and gentle and so pretty!! 

I do believe they deserve a post of their own.

Nothing can make you feel as summery as the lovely green grass basking in the first rays of the morning sun by the side of the road. 
The fresh sweet smell of summer grasses floating in the air while you walk and the refreshing breeze caressing your skin while you walk...

It is the perfect summer scene! 

grass image

grass image

grass image

grass imagegrass image

grass image

grass image



grasses by the roadgrasses by the road

grasses by the road

grass by the road

grass by the road

Thanks for being here 

Purple time of the year

Did you know that at this time of the year there is mainly purple flowers blossoming out there in the wild?!

This is what I discovered today while I was walking the dogs and admiring the fabulous lush green around me. Then I noticed the lovely purple flowers one after the other until I realised that the purple  is everywhere!!

Of course I had to start taking photos of all the different plants I could find and I was amazed to discover how many different species of purple flowers are growing in the Irish countryside! Well, let's say some are not exactly purple and lean more towards the pink and blue shades but well this makes for such a good name ;-)

Oh my, it is definitely the purple time of the year!!


foxglove image, pink


purple flowers, fireweed


thistle image

thistle image, purple flower


purple flowers, knapweed

purple flowers

purple flowers

Spotted bog orchidspotted orchid flower

selfheal flower, purple flower


selfheal flower, purple

Crane-bill and Wild rose

cranebill flower wild rose image

Bell heather

 wild heather


clover plant image

Vetch and Thistle

vetch thistle plant


fireweed plant


vetch plant vetch plant






I hope you enjoy this little display of Irish flora!! 

See you soon

Garden stories

There is no ending to the photos taken in the garden. 

It changes with the weather, with the time of the day, with the season....
It is always in motion, growing, blossoming, it is never still.

Have a quick look at a mix of photos from early spring.

The Garden Stories begin  

thatched cottagethatched cottage

garden blossoms

tree branches

lovely flowers in the sunlight

tree trunk and a dog resting in the shade

garden with lovely flowers

photo of thatched roof

garden clock and flowers lovely clematis flowers

clematis in the sunlight

thanks for looking at my Garden story.
Soon there will be more ;)

and RIGHT HERE you can have a quick look of the surrounding Connemara landscape