Next time you pass by an old oak tree, don't just continue unawares, pause, look up and feel.

Look up the glorious branches, follow the flickering light trough the dark green leaves and imagine the movement of the soft breeze passing through, feel its soft touch on the rustling leaves and breathe deep and exhale....Be one with your surroundings. It's all so beautiful, is it not?

Nature is simply perfect.

It is us with our actions that bring destruction and sadness.

Feel the beauty of the oaks with me 

oak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer light

oak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer lightoak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer light

oak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer light

green, leaves, trees, nature, bokehoak trees, branches, leaves, summer light

green, trees, nature, summer light

thank you for being here

Last of the summer

I was walking today in the countryside with the dogs and noticed an alarming occurrence - the end of the summer is approaching. Slowly, slowly it is creeping up on us, and before we know it, autumn will be here. 

This fact always makes me sad because I love the freedom of summer - holidays, beach, water, walks in the forest. Early mornings with crisp air and sun up high in the sky from almost 4 o'clock in the morning, sunsets so late you don't have to wait for them at all... You know...there are so many fabulous and gorgeous things about summer that we all love...

I am not saying that I don't like autumn, on the contrary, actually I really love the season when the colours of the trees change. It is one of my favourite moments as a photographer.

The end of summer means the cold is coming, the rains soon after, then the days are getting shorter and darker... The leaves will fall out and the then the greys and browns and all the other dark shades will be ruling in nature until the spring arrives again next year with fluffy blossoms and new wonderful light and all will be reborn again....

For now everything is still green, although the dark verdant colours of the full summer are gone and the grasses and leaves are tinting in hues of golden brown and orange, subtle in its change, no one can see them but me and still, I know it is there and it makes me edgy although I try to ignore it.

ok, I will stop, the last of the summer is still here, no need to go crazy...yet

road, dogs walking, summer feeling

green plants, raindrops, dogs walkinggreen ferns by the side of the road, boxer dog

boxer dogs, tree, summer greens tree, green ferns

tree, beautiful light, green fernstree, green ferns, great summer light

big tree, great summer light

big tree, green ferns

macro image of raindrops on a plant

macro image of a plant with raindrops

ferns, boxer dogs walking

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Walking with my Boxers

I have to admit that one of the best things ever is walking with my boxers.

They are fun, they are a constant source of entertainment and they are always there for you when you need company and affection. All they ask in return is regular meals, hugs and of course long walks to keep their energy in check. 

There is nothing more fun than walking with my boxers. 

Here is a quick peak at my last walk when Patch decided to bring some turf home, and of course he chose the longest log he could find!! 
Someone even asked me: Is your dog stealing turf?! I have to admit that I did not have anything clever to say to that.....

boxer dog walking

boxers collage

boxer photo

walking boxers

boxer running

boxer dog

boxer dog photo

boxer dog running

boxer dog running

boxer dog

boxer dog

boxer dog running

boxer stretching

boxer dog

boxer dog

boxer dog

boxer dog collage

boxer running

boxers running in motion

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Going Forward

This year the summer crept up on me in such a way I hardly saw it coming. 

Before I could look around the leaves were all out and flattering in the breeze, the grass was ready to be cut and the bird were singing like crazy on our roof.

Working full time and studding at the same time was so time consuming that I neglected all my blogs tragically and it will take me a bit of time to catch up and make up for the lost time.

But now I have new skills and I am so glad that I went to this course because I discovered a new passion in life and a completely new opportunity for going forward, for growing, for any which way you want to put it!! Making websites, writing code, HTML, CSS and all that...combined with my photography passion and love of writing, I say, what a great combination!

So this post is all bout Going Forward. Growing and Learning.
It is never too late. 

And those are the latest photos I took yesterday on my first summer walk for this year after months of only work, work work, and studying, studying, studying...
By the way... I will be a graduate in October!!!

leaves, nature, trees, summer

nature collage, summer feeling, green

trees, leaves, green, nature, summer

 sycamore trees, nature, summer feeling

trees, leaves, nature, summer

green, summer feeling, tree branches

There is nothing like walking with the dogs for company

dogs walking

dogs, walking

tree branches, green, summer feelingdaisies, flowers, summer

ferns, green, summer feeling

road, grass, summer, green

collage, summer images, grass, road, green