Spring ...AT LAST

It is time for a few blossoms, at this time of the year, this is the best thing there is!!

Usually I wait impatiently for the first blossoms to appear. I lay in wait for months and change my route just so I can pass by my favourite bunch of cherry trees and inspect the amount of buds appearing or is there any signs of blossoms or is it good for photos yet. It is all part of the big picture - the joy of spring and shooting the blossoming trees. I love it as much as chasing the colours of autumn.

Here are a few of my faves from the last couple of years. Enjoy the beauty of spring with me!

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

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Here are last years' cherry blossoms

It is time for spring

After a long, cold and very temperamental winter I really think it is about time for spring to arrive!!

I am tired of wind and rain, I want a bit of blue sky and warm sun rays on my face! I want to listen to the birds singing happily before the sun rolls out of the bogs, I want to feel the warmth of the coming summer (eventually)....Right, I am getting a bit carried away here...
For now I will settle down with a few spring flowers photos :-)

Oh, yah, and happy spring days to everyone!!

daffodils images  daffodils images

daffodils imagesdaffodils images

daffodils images

daffodils images

daffodils images

daffodils images

daffodils images

daffodils images



daffodils in the sunshine

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Fun with Frost

When there is no deep snow to mess around with there is a bit of fancy frost to take a few photos of.

I guess that will do for now.  Something to take my mind of the raging storm outside. 
Yes, I know, Another storm!!

handful of snow and frost
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someone holding a handful of snow

close up of frost on a bench  

frost on a bench

image of snow on the edge of a lawn

close up of frost

close up image of frost crystals

image of frost

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Lost in the magic of bad weather

Yes, I am still lost in a perpetual, day-after-day succession of  storms with thunder and lightning, and more and more rain, and more wind....

For how long, I do not know, but it feels as if it has been going on forever.

And believe me, it is as if someone wrapped the area where we live in an invisible bubble of bad weather, because it is definitely not as bad everywhere else in the county and in the country.

The bad weather is very localized just here. It is extra rainy and extra windy. Sometimes, just a few kilometers away it's nice and sunny, while where we live it pours like crazy!!
 It all has to do with the position of our town I believe, so there is nothing we can really do about it except get some really good rain gear and tough it up.

image of raindrops on a branch

image of raindrops on a branch

image of raindrops on a branch

image of raindrops and tree btanches

image of a raindrop on a branch

lots of raindrops on a bush

raindrops on branches

gloomy scene from the forest with raindrops on branches

As usual my images look a bit strange, so Google hasn't resolved their issue with uploading images yet.  Very annoying situation because I lost a lot of time deleting and finding new ones instead of the ones I was planning to use!! 

Images From last FALL

I am still processing the images I have taken during last year. It will take me a while to catch up since I keep taking new photographs all the time.

This is a process I can not control because I can never stop taking photos. Or if I do that means there is something terribly wrong with me. 

So here a few colourful shots from last fall to brighten your day. 
Have a good week everyone!!! 

image of a tree with golden leaves

another image of a tree covered with golden leaves

more golden leaves up close on a sycamore tree

a couple of leaves left on a birch branch, golden background

the last leaves on a birch tree, blue background

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A morning of peaceful photography

After 3 weeks of permanent storms - crazy rain and wicked wind, we woke up to a wonderful unexpected, glorious golden morning.  

Needless to say I was out in a flash with my fingers itching to take some pictures in peace and quiet without donging the wind and the falling raindrops.  

So here is what came out of that lovely gorgeous morning of peaceful photography:

thank you for the visit everyone and see you again!!

 P.S I am very disappointed because once again I could not publish all the photos I had prepared since the colours went completely nuts!! 

Most of the photos were distorted and the colours run and bleached!! 
Does anyone know anything about this? I would appreciate some feed back. 

This is a photo blog, I need to rely on the proper presentation of colours and images!! 
If I can not publish my photos here in peace and as planned I certainly feel discouraged to continue working here in Google!!  

I am not giving up yet! But if anyone has some info please write to me!!