Autumn at my door

This year we had warm dry weather during the summer and early autumn months. 

Even now, it is the middle of October and a lot of trees are still mostly greenish.

After the storms last week and the first patch of cold weather for the season the leaves are turning in gorgeous bold colours and beginning to fall of the trees.
This morning after a lot of rain and strong winds during the night we woke up and I felt something new has happened.

The time has come and Autumn has arrived at my door.  

Welcome Autumn.

leaves, ground, door, autumn

shadow on the ground covered with autumn leaves

shadow, ground, leaves

ground, leaves, shadows

autumn leaves on the ground, door of a house

geranium leaves, light

geranium leaves, light

geranium leaves, light

fallen leaves on the grass

leaves on grass

autumn, leaves on grass

autumn, leaves on grass, light

autumn leaves on grass

Last reminder of Summer
daisy macro

boxer dog in a garden

leave, light, trees

leaves, light, trees, autumn

leaves, autumn

leaves, autumn colours

Please let me in...
boxer dog, door, wants to go in

Thanks for being here

Accidental Meeting

I was out with the purpose of capturing some gorgeous late afternoon autumn light when I came across this chap. It was purely an accidental meeting but very enjoyable I might add. 

At first he (or she I am not entirely sure to be honest) pretended not to be interested in any relationship whatsoever, but after I produced a lovely tuft of grass he mellowed down and came closer. Then we were at it for a while. Meaning  - me giving him grass and taking photos at all angles and him chomping happily and gratefully. He even got an itch which I managed to catch on camera. Don't laugh, I m a city born girl, those things still impress me even after so many years living in a small countryside village.

I love horses and I find them absolutely fantastic and beautiful creatures with great character and charisma. Here are some of the shots I managed to get during my latest accidental meeting.

horse image

horse close up


horse close uphorse close up

horse close up, a handhorse close up

I am sure he is smiling here!! 
horse close up

 horse close uphorse close up

horse close uphorse close up

  horse close up

horse image

horse miagehorse image

horse image horse image

I managed to catch the beautiful evening light after all, he was busking in it 
horse image

Thank you for joining me here ;-)


Next time you pass by an old oak tree, don't just continue unawares, pause, look up and feel.

Look up the glorious branches, follow the flickering light trough the dark green leaves and imagine the movement of the soft breeze passing through, feel its soft touch on the rustling leaves and breathe deep and exhale....Be one with your surroundings. It's all so beautiful, is it not?

Nature is simply perfect.

It is us with our actions that bring destruction and sadness.

Feel the beauty of the oaks with me 

oak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer light

oak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer lightoak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer light

oak trees, green leaves, bokeh, summer light

green, leaves, trees, nature, bokehoak trees, branches, leaves, summer light

green, trees, nature, summer light

thank you for being here