Walking with my Boxers

I have to admit that one of the best things ever is walking with my boxers.

They are fun, they are a constant source of entertainment and they are always there for you when you need company and affection. All they ask in return is regular meals, hugs and of course long walks to keep their energy in check. 

There is nothing more fun than walking with my boxers. 

Here is a quick peak at my last walk when Patch decided to bring some turf home, and of course he chose the longest log he could find!! 
Someone even asked me: Is your dog stealing turf?! I have to admit that I did not have anything clever to say to that.....

boxer dog walking

boxers collage

boxer photo

walking boxers

boxer running

boxer dog

boxer dog photo

boxer dog running

boxer dog running

boxer dog

boxer dog

boxer dog running

boxer stretching

boxer dog

boxer dog

boxer dog

boxer dog collage

boxer running

boxers running in motion

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Going Forward

This year the summer crept up on me in such a way I hardly saw it coming. 

Before I could look around the leaves were all out and flattering in the breeze, the grass was ready to be cut and the bird were singing like crazy on our roof.

Working full time and studding at the same time was so time consuming that I neglected all my blogs tragically and it will take me a bit of time to catch up and make up for the lost time.

But now I have new skills and I am so glad that I went to this course because I discovered a new passion in life and a completely new opportunity for going forward, for growing, for any which way you want to put it!! Making websites, writing code, HTML, CSS and all that...combined with my photography passion and love of writing, I say, what a great combination!

So this post is all bout Going Forward. Growing and Learning.
It is never too late. 

And those are the latest photos I took yesterday on my first summer walk for this year after months of only work, work work, and studying, studying, studying...
By the way... I will be a graduate in October!!!

leaves, nature, trees, summer

nature collage, summer feeling, green

trees, leaves, green, nature, summer

 sycamore trees, nature, summer feeling

trees, leaves, nature, summer

green, summer feeling, tree branches

There is nothing like walking with the dogs for company

dogs walking

dogs, walking

tree branches, green, summer feelingdaisies, flowers, summer

ferns, green, summer feeling

road, grass, summer, green

collage, summer images, grass, road, green

The Little Cherry Tree

In  my garden, there is a little cherry tree that doesn't seem to grown much over the years. 

It is hardly taller than me, and believe me I am not on the tall side, none the less, every year it provides me with a number of glorious photo opportunities.

I am nothing but thankful to the Little Cherry Tree.

Actually, I wait impatiently every single day in spring for the buds to open up so I can stalk around the tree with my camera and my lenses and take a bunch of photos.
This year wasn't any different. So, now I am going to share with you my photos from this spring.

Thank you my Little Cherry Tree 

cherry blossoms, spring

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms, spring

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms


There is nothing more beautiful than blossoms after rain.
I hope you agree.

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Catch the SunLight

This morning, I was planning to continue my spring posts with photos from my latest apple tree blossoms collection but when I started working converting files I found a folder I have forgotten from the beginning of January and I got completely sidetracked converting those files instead. 

Go figure, we work in mysterious ways sometimes.

Anyway, that particular morning was really special because I was waiting for it since last year. You see, the place where I took the photos is along a little road that climbs a hill. Twice a years, at about 9am in the morning, the sun shines down this road at exactly the perfect angle. Then I need some rain to have fallen during the night so everything would be covered in raindrops. And then I come with the camera and I take photos. Sounds easy enough, but it is not easy to have all the conditions present at the same right time.

I am only trying to Catch the Sun Light. How hard can it be?

Here is the result you can judge for yourselves 
ferns in the beautiful light

ferns in the lightferns in the light

ferns by the road in beautiful light

ferns in the lightferns in the light

ferns in the light


ferns, light


fernsferns light


ferns, lightferns light


ferns light beautiful

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