Hi, My name is Annie

Deep in my heart, I am simply a very creative person. I love to write , I love to draw, to take photos, to bake bread and cakes... Making something with my hands or creating with my imagination - it is all the same to me, I love to do both, this is when I am at my best and I am most happy. 

  • I never leave home without my camera. 

  •  I prefer to walk, love to hike and climb mountains and can swim in the sea any time of the year

  • I love being outdoors and everything about nature.  

  • I am in love with trees, flowers, even grass...they simply look so good up close, through the camera.

  • Photography, Writing photo blogs, Web design and coding are my greatest passions. 

  • Baking bread, cakes and pastries is how I make my living.

  • I love dogs and especially boxers, I think they are the most amazing creatures. I believe that having a dog makes us better people and teaches us a lot about ourselves.  

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© Annie Japaud Photography

© Annie Japaud Photography

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