Just an Ordinary Cloudy Day

So what is the perfect weather for you?

For me it doesn't have to be a sunny day with the gorgeous blue sky so I can enjoy myself out there along the winding roads of Connemara.

As long as my hands are not freezing off while holding the camera,  the wind is not blowing me away and I am not getting soaked to my bones... everything is fine. My walk is normally enjoyable.

To be honest I prefer a moody cloudy day for photos much more than a bright sunny one with heightened contrasts and strong shadows. And if you throw a bit of drizzle now and again to sharpen the air and wash off the colours in the fields and mountains around me..wow..there is no stopping me.

Today was just an ordinary cloudy day in Ireland but the light was bright and bouncy even dough there were clouds most of the time. Still the few images I took were lovely and I think represent Connemara at it's best.  Enjoy

road in Connemara Ireland, house in distance

Connemara landscape

gorse blossoming, Connemara landscape

Connemara landscape, cows, bogs, village in distance

Here  I managed to catch a rare boxer beast in a state of extreme 
happiness and joy

dog running on a road, Connemara

daffodils growing along the road

Totally Snowed In

Yes, we are indeed, totally snowed in this morning. Storm Emma is throwing the worst it has against us today. 

Our water pipes froze 2 days ago. By the way it looks outside, there is no hope!!

view from a frozen window

Even the cat doesn't like it much outside

a wet, frosty cat on a window sill

Let me IN!!!

cold, snowy cat on a window sill

My daughter was saying today that so far she thought having no internet or phone was the worst thing ever but actualy now she agrees that having NO water is deffinitely worst than that.   

Somehow, it doesn't look like there will be any changes soon. The weather hasn't changed a bit since last night. It's not that it is outrageously bad, but I want my pipes to defrost, so we can see if there is much damage and get the water flowing!!

I think, I am going to grab the camera and venture out for a few shots ;-) what else is there to do?

Forest Walks

pine tree needles and raindrops
One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is walking.

Walking through the fields, walking in the bogs, walking in the Hills of Connemara, walking with my dogs and especially walking in the forest.

The smell of earth and fallen leaves.. The happy singing of the mountain streams..The peaceful silence and the playful light in the branches of the trees... all that and so much more  is what keeps me coming back and back and back...

I will show a few shots from a random walk from last year when Flick was a tiny puppy and was just learning the secrets of the forest. 

Now, after walking there every day for a year and a half, I would say he looks like he simply belongs in it. 

Forest Walks by Annie Japaud Photography 

light in golden leaves in the forest sun shining through the branches of a tree

forest landscape, Galway, Ireland

boxer puppy walking

light shining in wet trees

a person walking in the forest with his dog raindrops on pine needles

forest greenery

boxer puppy walking

boxer puppy walking

wild flowers in the forest with raindrops

sun shining through the pine trees

 raindrops on pine needles

raindrops on pine needles

raindrops on pine needles

forest spring

July dreams in February

I am so tired of the rain and the bad weather I find myself daydreaming of summer. I am thinking of those wonderful July walks, very early in the morning, when everything is wrapped in green and flowers are smiling from every nook and cranny my eyes fall upon.

I am sure that I am not the only one thinking of summer in February. Honestly, this year we had a bit too much cold and rain, it is time for a change. It is time for the sun to come out, for the green to sprout and for the birds to start singing.

Until then, I will be looking at my photos from last summer, having July dreams in February, thinking of summer and waiting for the good weather.

road and trees, green

wild flowers by the road

wild flowers by the road

road, flowers, dogs playing

wild flowers by the road gif

Irish countryside

Irish countryside

road and 2 dogs playing

countryside road

countryside road

sunrise and flowers

countryside scene

thatched cottage

Winter Light

Have you ever tried to look at something that you see everyday as if you see it for a first time?

It feels as if you are in the middle of a time lapse. Suddenly all details pop out and you can see an intricate and mesmerising world that you didn't even think existed.

You can hear the water running in the gutters, the golden sun rays envelop you in their embrace and   everything is submerged into a fantasy world of winter light and beautiful sounds.

I assure you, the ordinary can be magical and extraordinary as long as you decide to pause your everyday run and look with your mind's eye as much as your eyes.
Try and you will see.
Discover the beauty of the winter light with me.
And listen to some amazing music  by Ludovico Einaudi

thatched house, sunlight, tree

garden, sunlight

thatched cottage, sunlight, garden, winter

thatched cottage, green tree

green, thatched cottage

Here is the link to the WINTER LIGHT album

The Cat That Just Moved In

ginger cat

Well, what do you know. It seems cats just walk in, move in, and that is that. 

If they choose you, they choose you forever and you become their new family. 

This is what happened to us, last August this ragged, starved, dirty, scared little thing just appeared in the garden and moved iton the green house eventually.
For 2 months he didn't let anyone come near him even a couple of meters away. But believe me, he ate the food I left for him in the garden. He has a crippled front paw but even so he is amazingly fast when he feels he needs to disappear. With the speed of light. 

Anyway, over the last few months he is looking better, being well fed, my daughter manages to comb him regularly and all his fluff is looking a bit more organised and lovelier. Believe me, I have never seen such a fur ball in my life!! So much fluff in one place!! Reminds me of feathers, light and airy and his colour is so wonderfully orange. He is the prettiest kitty I have ever seen.

ginger cat

ginger catginger cat

ginger cat

ginger cat

ginger cat

ginger cat

HERE you can find more photos from our favourite fur ball ;-)